Old School RuneScape’s all-new competitive event, Leagues III: Shattered Relics, kicks off today

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It’s a race to complete tasks, unlock power ups via an all-new Relics system, and level up as fast as possible to earn rewards and become top of the League.

Previous Leagues II event saw Old School hit its highest-ever number of simultaneous players

Wednesday 19th January 2022, Cambridge, UK – The fast-paced world of Old School RuneScape‘s time-limited competitive Leagues events returns as Leagues III: Shattered Relics goes live in-game today for both PC and mobile players. The Leagues III: Shattered Relics trailer and new music video, ‘Between Two Worlds’ by Tal Richards featuring Ciele, is now playing here.

First introduced in 2019, Leagues events enable players to experience Old School RuneScape in a completely fresh way. Playing as an Ironman and starting from scratch in an alternate version of Gielinor, players compete in a race to complete tasks and level up as fast as possible to earn valuable rewards.

Previous Leagues events have proved a massive hit with players; Leagues II: Trailblazer (October 2020) saw Old School RuneScape hit its highest ever number of concurrent users with more than 170,000 players competing simultaneously.

Now live in-game and running through until to 3rd March 2022, Leagues III: Shattered Relics is themed around collection and adventure and introduces an all -new Relic system for players to master.

Powerful Relics have been shattered across an alternate version of Gielinor and players must earn Relic fragments from skilling, minigames, and defeating powerful bosses. These Relics provide powerful buffs and modifiers to the player’s character, offering the best chance to compete and earn exclusive trophies and rewards. The event also enables players to experiment with the highly versatile system by collecting and combining Relic fragments to unlock and discover greater powers.

Delivering Old School RuneScape’s most open and versatile Leagues season yet, Shattered Relics is the first Leagues event that gives players access to the entirety of Gielinor – but there’s a twist: nearly everything is locked off. In the tutorial, players first unlock the defence, thieving and fishing skills, along with one combat skill of their choice. However, other skills, and more, need to be unlocked as the adventure continues.

It’s also the first Leagues event to expand upon the lore of the game mode, which includes the introduction of a new character known as The Sage. Additionally, a new Leagues Hall has been added to allow players to display trophies and rewards for ultimate bragging rights throughout the competition.

Whether battling for glory or spectating, players can follow the Shattered Relics League here: https://www.runescape.com/oldschool/leagues3.

Relics – A source of passive effects that buff your character, such as experience boosts, drop rate boosts and effects related to Gathering, Production and Combat.

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