Spaceflight Simulator Explores Our Solar System on Steam Early Access in Q1 2022 

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Spaceflight Simulator Explores Our Solar System on Steam Early Access in Q1 2022 

Nintendo Switch Takes the Launch Pad Next Year 

MARIBOR, Slovenia – 12 October 2021 – Spaceflight Simulator, a game with real-life physics where astronauts and engineers build their own rockets and explore the universe, prepares for take off via Steam Early Access in Q1 2022. Developer Stefo Mai Morojna has sent more than 20 million space explorers into the cosmos via the App Store and Google Play, built a Discord community of more than 30,000 rocket scientists and counting, and already has a Nintendo Switch version planned for lift off in 2022 simultaneously with the PC 1.0 release.

Choose from a plethora of parts like fuel tanks, payload systems, and engines employing completely accurate rocket physics, to construct advanced spaceships capable of reaching the furthest depths of the Milky Way. Let your imagination run free while mixing and matching parts to build the rocket of your dreams or recreate famous SpaceX, Apollo, and NASA rockets to blast off from the Earth on exuberant expeditions. 

Explore a vast, realistically sized solar system. Experience the extreme heat and dense atmosphere of Venus, the cold red dusky mountains of Mars, its low-gravity twin moons Phobos and Deimos, or stick a little closer to home and initiate a Moon landing with easy to pick up but challenging to master controls.

Join a community of space-enthusiasts that has launched more than 300 million rockets into the great beyond via iOS and Android devices. The Parts, Skins, Planets and Bundle DLC currently available for mobile enters orbit for Steam Early Access at launch so explorers can traverse Jupiter and its four moons right out the gate alongside new rocket parts and ship skins debuting in Early Access and exclusive for PC.

“It’s hard to believe a project started from my bedroom as a job application for Kerbal Space Program has been played by tens of millions of people and is now coming to PC and Nintendo,” said Stefo Mai Morojna, lead developer. “Needless to say, I didn’t get the job. But I did get a passionate community just as excited about space exploration as I am!”

Spaceflight Simulator lands on Steam Early Access in Q1 2022 for $11.99 USD. The game supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Korean, and Japanese languages.

For more information, follow @SpaceflightSim on Twitter, like its Facebook page, subscribe to its YouTube channel, or join the expedition via Discord.

About Stefo Mai Morojna

Based in Slovenia, Stefo started working on the Spaceflight Simulator as a job application in hopes to work with Kerbal Space Program. While he never heard back from them, his project later became a hit mobile app downloaded more than 20 million times. Now, he has an entire team dedicated to expanding his passion for gaming and space, and bringing expeditions to even more people on consoles.

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