Play the demo for Narrative Mixed-Genre Game, Torn Away at the Steam Next Fest

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Get a first look at the immersive war-story during Steam Next Fest

Vilnius, Lithuania – 30th September 2021 – Perelesoq and Nordcurrent are excited to announce that the demo of poignant war story Torn Away will be available for press and players to enjoy during this year’s Steam Next Fest. After a successful Gamescom, the demo will be available once again for players to get a taste of this genre-defying experience across war-torn Europe.

Play the demo on Steam:

About Torn Away

Torn Away combines a variety of genres while exploring the tale of Asya, a lost orphan who escaped from a forced labour camp and has to cross the wintry wilderness of Germany and Poland to make her way back home. You will have to persevere through the harsh elements of nature, solving puzzles and engaging in a variety of different types of gameplay to hide from soldiers, look for shelter and food and survive to see your home once again.

Exploring themes around the consequences of war and the effect these tragedies can have on children and other non-combatants. In a marketplace filled with glorifications of violence and gun-toting power fantasies, Torn Away hopes to change the dialogue about war and nationalised violence.

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