It’s time to reveal the Kickstarter launch date for Chains of Fury – you’ll be able to support this unique boomer shooter on November 9th this year

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A Metroidvania boomer shooter inspired by Lobo and XIII, with loads of blood, gore, Easter eggs, and Duke’s dark humor, is coming to Kickstarter on November 9th this year. Support the game to help bring it to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 5th, Warsaw, Poland.

The love of retro shooters is strong in this one, so if you share a passion for games like Duke Nukem with Cobble Games developers, then help them bring Chains of Fury to life. You’ll be able to support it on Kickstarter on November 9th this year to later crush the walls standing in your way, discover all the secrets, Easter eggs, and pop culture references, enjoy the game’s dark humor, and, of course, play with loads of guns. All on your favorite gaming platform.

Follow the game’s Kickstarter page (, and don’t forget to add it to your Wishlist on Steam (


Chains of Fury is a bloody, fast-paced, retro looter-shooter where you have only one goal – spread bloody mayhem among the alien scumbags. Stuck looking for an exit? Blow up a wall and then shoot the suckers behind it. No limitations, just adrenaline rushing in your veins and one question ringing in your ears – are you ready to put Duke himself to shame?


  • Destructible walls. Bash, jump, demolish, and cause mayhem in six different worlds filled with destructible environmental elements. Forget about keys or lockpicks – tear apart and crush obstacles instead.
  • Hidden secrets. Loads of Easter eggs and secrets are waiting to be found.
  • Retro-inspired. Experience the bloody retro vibe you remember from 90’s classics like Duke NukemQuakeUnreal Tournament, and Doom, but in a modern shooter.
  • Comic book visual style. Dive into a game world that looks and feels just like a comic book.
  • Dark humor. Forget the pompous pep-talk protagonists that modern shooters deliver these days and enjoy punchlines that will remind you of the times when FPS games made you smile.
  • Split-screen multiplayer. Play with your friends or against your foes.
  • Guns, guns, and more guns! Lots of crazy weapons at your disposal, from shotguns and machine guns to a grappling hook, shrink ray, and more.

Chains of Fury is being developed by Cobble Games and will launch its Kickstarter campaign on November 9th this year. The game is coming to PC first, and later to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation thanks to Gaming Factory.

More information about the game can be found on the official websiteSteam, the publisher’s website, and Facebook.

About Cobble Games

Cobble Games is a small independent game studio trying to survive in the dangerous waters of the game industry. The team used to work mostly as an outsourcing partner of bigger studios. Now, with the help of publishers, they aim to deliver their own games. The developers can’t compete with bigger studios, so they have to make sure that their games are as juicy and unique as possible.

About Gaming Factory

Gaming Factory is a producer and publisher of PC and console games. Among the company’s main objectives are producing and publishing its own titles for consoles and PC and supporting independent development teams.

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