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Players can sneak over the gates of Nevendaar from October 1-7

Seattle, Wash. – (October 1, 2021) – – Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Frima Studio are announcing today that Disciples: Liberation is offering a free demo during Steam Next Fest ahead of the game’s launch on October 21. Steam Next Fest is a multi-day celebration of hundreds of upcoming games. The eight-hour gameplay demo is available to all and focuses on two provinces from the game which are fully playable without any time restrictions.   

Players will meet the Empire (Humans) in the Plains of Widows as well as explore the province Greyleaf and meet the Undead Hordes. During the demo, players can unlock buildings, units, spells and companions (Corisandre and Ejamar). They can also prepare themselves for a romantic encounter with the undead werewolf.

In addition to the demo, Kalypso and developer Frima Studio will host two live streams showcasing Disciples: Liberation on the game‘s Steam page.

·         The first live stream will be Sunday, October 3 at 2 pm Eastern. 
·         The second will be Tuesday, October 5 at 2 pm Eastern.

An “Ask the developers – Q&A” is now live in the Community hub. Disciples: Liberation is currently available for pre-order on Steam and Xbox.

Disciples: Liberation First 30 Minutes of Gameplay

Disciples: Liberation is a mature, dark fantasy strategy RPG with turn-based combat. Liberate the land of Nevendaar and uncover the endless stories hidden within this richly detailed world where every decision has a consequence, and every wrong move could be deadly. Explore a rich overworld and align with a variety of in-world factions: from a human empire tinged by religious extremism to the dark forces of the undead lead by a mad queen. Assemble a team to gather precious resources, sway political standing, and take on brutal beasts in intricate turn-based battles. Choice is everything in Disciples: Liberation and it is up to you how you write your story.


  • 80+ hour single-player campaign: experience a dark fantasy epic over three acts, with more than 270 quests and objectives, and 5 unique endings
  • Explore a war-torn overworld: journey through 4 diverse environments – from luscious woodlands to fiery volcanic plains and icy tundra – and unearth the secrets hidden within the land
  • Journey together: join forces with 4 in-game factions – from proud elven clans to remorseless undead hordes, each with their own motivations and gameplay incentives
  • Write your own story: pick from 4 uniquely skilled classes and define your place in the world, recruiting others to take up arms for your cause
  • Build a base: take on quests for precious resources and use political savvy to build a place of planning and sanctuary
  • Fight for your life: recruit 50+ units and build an army best suited to your play style whilst honing both steel and spell in intricate-turned based combat
  • Challenge deadly bosses: pit your party against horrific monsters and beasts, each requiring a unique strategy
  • Choice is everything: let your decisions guide your fate and directly influence what sort of leader you become
  • Fight your friends: put forth the ultimate challenge and battle for supremacy in 2-player online skirmishes


About the Kalypso Media Group

Kalypso Media Group GmbH is an independent publisher, developer and marketer of interactive entertainment software with 150 employees at 10 locations in Germany, England, France, Japan and the USA. Kalypso Media Group includes Kasedo Games, the digital label of Kalypso Media Group, as well as five development studios: Realmforge Studios (Dungeons series), Gaming Minds Studios (Railway Empire, Port Royale), Claymore Game Studios (upcoming Commandos game) since March 2020 and Nine Worlds Studios (Tropico 7) in Munich since 2021. With the acquisition of a majority stake in the French Bulwark Studios by Kasedo Games and the new foundation of Nine Worlds Studios in 2021, Kalypso Media now unites a total of 5 development studios in the group of companies.

Specialising in the development of strategy games for a global audience on all modern platforms, Kalypso Media Group’s IP portfolio includes full rights to the Tropico series, Commandos, Port Royale, Dungeons, Sudden Strike and Railway Empire, among others. Kalypso Media’s most recent releases are Port Royale 4, Tropico 6 – Nintendo Switch™ Edition, Commandos 2 – HD Remaster for Nintendo Switch™ and Spacebase Startopia. Upcoming releases include Disciples: Liberation (October 21, 2021). Recent releases from Kasedo Games include City of Gangsters, Filament and the console and tablet versions of Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus. More at www.kalypsomedia.com.

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