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Space sim touches down on Nintendo Switch™ family of consoles, launch trailer available now

25th September – Publisher Kalypso Media and in-house developer Realmforge Studios have announced that Spacebase Startopia is now available for Nintendo Switch™.

Offering hours of strategic space station management action, Spacebase Startopia for Nintendo Switch™ also gives players a veritable space-buffet of extra-terrestrial entertainment – from space whale therapy sessions to cat cafes and even the time-bending Black Hole Drop – and a selection of galactic gadgetry to deck out their base and attempt to entice the interest of passing holidaymakers. In cooperation with the station’s own totally-not-homicidal AI, VAL, players will have to work to transform their base’s three unique decks into the galaxy’s #1 holiday hotspot.

Spacebase Startopia for Nintendo Switch™ is available now as a digital purchase via Nintendo eShop and is also available as a physical boxed retail version. The game can be picked up for PC via the Kalypso Store and Steam and other consoles via the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store.


Title: Spacebase Startopia
Platforms: Nintendo Switch™, PS4|5 |Win/Mac/Linux, Xbox (One, Series X|S)Developer:Realmforge Studios
Genre:Management simulator
Release:Out now


Spacebase Startopia captivates with its original mixture of economic simulation and empire building strategy paired with classic RTS skirmishes and a good dose of humour. And as if maintaining the three space station decks, entertaining the eight alien races and defending against enemy invaders weren’t enough of a challenge, the dynamic narrator AI is not going to mince matters and commentates events in a friendly but sharp-tongued manner.


  • The 10-mission, fully dubbed single-player campaign will require all your skills as Commander of the Spacebase Startopia as you strive to create one of the most attractive trade and tourism destinations in the known universe
  • Each of the three decks will require your leadership skills — the Sub Deck containing all of the rooms vital to survival, while the Fun Deck focuses on your visitors, and the flora and fauna found on the Bio Deck provides sufficient resources for survival as well as a home for the graceful Dryads
  • Prevail against AI competitors, for you are not alone on the station. Sabotage your opponents’ economy or attack them with your mech units, conduct trade and beware of space pirates eager to board
  • The dynamic narrator AI ‘VAL’ reacts to your decisions and is always at your side in both word and deed – alongside offering the occasional extremely unqualified comment
  • Hone your skills as the Commander of Spacebase Startopia in the many challenges of the single-player campaign or play your way in the customisable sandbox mode


About the Kalypso Media Group Kalypso Media Group GmbH is a fully independent publisher, developer and marketer of interactive entertainment software with 150 employees in 10 locations throughout Germany, England, France, Japan, and the United States, including Kasedo Games, Kalypso Media’s digital-first label, and three development studios – Realmforge Studios (Dungeons series), Gaming Minds Studios (Railway Empire, Port Royale) and Claymore Game Studios (upcoming Commandos game). Kasedo Games also now holds a majority stake in France-based developer Bulwark Studios, increasing the Kalypso Media Group’s total development studios to 4.

Specializing in developing strategy games for a global audience on all modern platforms, Kalypso Media’s IP portfolio includes the full rights to the Tropico series, Commandos, Port Royale, Dungeons, Sudden Strike, Railway Empire, and others. Kalypso Media’s recent releases are Commandos 2 – HD Remaster and Praetorians – HD Remaster, Railway Empire – Nintendo Switch™ Edition, Dungeons 3 – Complete Collection, Railway Empire – Complete Collection, Port Royale 4, Tropico 6 – Nintendo Switch™ Edition, Commandos 2 – HD Remaster for Nintendo Switch™ and Spacebase Startopia for Nintendo Switch™. Upcoming releases include Disciples: Liberation (21/10/21). Kasedo Games’ recent releases include Filament, console and tablet versions of Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus, Distant Kingdoms (available in Steam Early Access) as well as City of Gangsters

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