Residual First 50 Minutes of Gameplay

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Check out our latest gameplay for Residual as we explore ancient alien secrets in a a forgotten galaxy full of strange planets! Join us as we explore the first planet in Residual and discover some of it’s many hidden secrets!

In a forgotten galaxy full of strange planets, you crash-land on one with the ancient mystery. Craft tools and mining devices. Hostile biological life, and more stand between the voyager and survival. You’ll have your snarky and occasionally helpful Personal Disaster Bot with you the entire way.

Developer: Orangepixel
Publisher: Apogee Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Release Date: 9th September, 2021

Available now on steam –


Recommended – “An enjoyable non-violent 2D pixel-art platform open world survival-craft exploration game with an interesting story, cool soundtrack, challenging world environments and non overly complicated puzzles.”

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