Point & click psychological horror detective adventure ‘Saint Kotar’ to launch on October 28

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After appearing at Gamescom 2021 and entering Alpha and Beta tests, official release date has been confirmed 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 9 September 2021 – With Saint Kotar’s appearance at Gamescom 2021 and its Alpha and Beta tests launch for Kickstarter backers, SOEDESCO and developer Red Martyr Entertainment are proud of how far they’ve come. Today, SOEDESCO confirms that the point & click psychological horror detective adventure Saint Kotar will launch on October 28 for PC and will be available on Steam®, Epic Games Store and GOG.

Recently, Saint Kotar appeared at Gamescom 2021, the annual trade fair for video games that was held virtually last month. From August 25 to August 29, Saint Kotar was featured in the event’s Indie Arena Booth Online, where players were able to visit the booth to find out more about the game. 

As part of reaching their Kickstarter milestones, Red Martyr Entertainment also launched Saint Kotar’s Alpha and Beta tests. Here, Kickstarter backers were given exclusive access to the Alpha and Beta versions so they could provide their feedback for the final build of the game.

Saint Kotar on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redmartyr/saint-kotar/

Title: Saint Kotar
Platforms: Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG
Developer: Red Martyr Entertainment
Genre: Horror
Release Date: October 28 2021
Hashtag: #SaintKotar

About Saint Kotar
In this story-and-choice driven psychological horror detective game, you play as Benedek and Nikolay – two troubled godly men in search for their missing relative in an ancient God-devoted town called Sveti Kotar. Here, an unknown presence preys upon the weak and sways on devil worship and witchcraft. Evidence points to your missing relative being involved in the grisly murders and the occult, but what is the truth? Are you also to blame for what happened?

Will you put the pieces together and unravel the truth behind the town’s centuries-old horrid presence? Or is madness going to be your fate?

  • Solve the mystery behind your relative’s involvement with the town’s bizarre and morbid rituals
  • Switch between two realities to get to the bottom of the town’s horrifying secrets
  • Take caution as your choices will affect both story and gameplay
  • Discover hidden locations and complete side tasks to uncover the whole story

Game page: https://soedesco.com/games/saint-kotar
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1358530/MC
GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/saint_kotar

SOEDESCO is an independent video game developer, publisher and distributor founded in 2002 with its headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We create interactive entertainment for a large and diverse community to enjoy.

At SOEDESCO we strive to bring fun and engaging gaming experiences to a worldwide audience. Our portfolio consists of titles such as Owlboy, Kaze and the Wild Masks, Monster Crown, Among the Sleep, Remothered: Tormented Fathers and Monstrum. We also have our own IPs including Truck Driver®, Adam’s Venture® and Real Farm.

More information about SOEDESCO® and their products can be found on the company’s website or by following @SOEDESCO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Red Martyr Entertainment
Red Martyr Entertainment is a game development and interactive storytelling studio founded in 2019. The Croatia based studio consists of three core members and Saint Kotar is their first project.

Saint Kotar originally came to life in a 2020 Kickstarter campaign where it was successfully backed by over 1100 backers coming from different parts of the world.

Red Martyr Entertainment’s mission is to inspire and entertain people around the globe by creating bold, engaging stories designed to kindle emotions and imagination through interaction.

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