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First In-depth Gameplay Reveal for Hotly Anticipated Survival Game SMALLAND Plus Developer Gameplay Sessions for Monster Harvest and Deathrun TV

September 3rd, Manchester UK – Merge Games revealed today that it will host an hour-long live streamed session of in-depth gameplay as part of PAX West on Saturday September 4th. The session will feature narrated developer sessions for the recently released monster-collecting farming sim Monster Harvest, ultra-fast and violent twin stick shooter Deathrun TV and the first in-depth gameplay reveal of upcoming survival game SMALLAND.

Watch the session on Saturday, September 4th at 11am-12pm PT/7pm-8pm BST/8pm-9pm CET at

In SMALLAND, players experience the familiar world from an unusual perspective as they play as one of the ‘Smallfolk’, a race of tiny creatures who have lived underground for millennia and are returning to reclaim the surface world once again. 

In this PvE-focussed multiplayer survival game, gamers will find themselves at the bottom of the food chain and must work together to explore a whole new world – crafting, building and fighting for survival against the elements and a host of deadly creatures including wasps, spiders and cockroaches. Players can tame and ride creatures, build sprawling encampments in giant trees and craft powerful armour sets as they forge their legacy. 

Monster Harvest invites players to start a new life in the curious town of Planimal Point, where plants can be mutated into creatures who will follow them into battle! Blending farming with monster collecting, Monster Harvest offers a unique twist on the life sim formula and is available to buy now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

In this developer session, Kerry Vandenberg from Maple Powered Games plays Monster Harvest and discusses the team’s inspirations and plans for this quirky, unique pixel art game.

In the Deathrun TV session, developers Laser Dog discuss their frantic, gore-filled twin-stick roguelite set in a future where likes are everything and contestants take part in the world’s deadliest game show for fame and glory. 

With breakneck speed, bullet dodging action and lots of guns, you’ll have to survive swarms of rabid mutants to progress and level up your contestant. Twin-stick bullet hell action will test your reflexes through each arena.

Getting those precious likes and levelling up your likability will be rewarded with an ever-changing roster or mutations to choose from including exploding bodies and big heads. Put it all on the line for the (rogue)likes. And remember, the run is all that matters.

Watch the Merge Games Let’s Play Session on Saturday 4th at

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Merge Games is a global video game publisher, developer and distributor based in Manchester, UK. The company publishes and distributes games worldwide for PC, consoles and streaming platforms, including Dead Cells, Streets of Rage 4, Spirit of the North, Cloudpunk, Aragami and Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. Merge is also developing its own survival game, Smalland, in house. In 2021, Merge Games was acquired by Zordix Group AB. For more information, please visit “PlayStation” is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. 

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