Aquarium Designer is a game for all fishkeeping fans and will launch on Steam on October 21st this year

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Create the aquarium of your dreams. Decide on its design and inhabitants, turn your hobby into a job and earn a coin or two, but most of all, let yourself relax in this incredibly soothing game that launches on Steam on October 21st.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 17th, Warsaw, Poland. 

Become a professional whose job is to design, build, and fill clients’ aquariums with a variety of fish and water plants. All types, all sizes! Fill anything from a goldfish bowl to large, impressive aquariums – the only thing that will be limiting you here is your imagination.

Add the game to your Steam wishlist (, and download the free demo already available.


In Aquarium Designer, you can design and create realistic fish tanks of various sizes – small fishbowls, or large aquariums. These can later be filled with different species, including angelfish, bettas, goldfish and many, many more. The rule here is simple: if it swims, you can have it. Aquarium Designer will give gamers a unique opportunity to make the ideal aquarium and then behold their creation.


  • Design your own aquarium – choose the shape and size of your fish tank and remember equipment like filters, water conditioners, and air pumps. Finally, throw in some gravel and decorations, but most importantly, make sure it’ll be functional for its inhabitants.
  • Take care of the ecosystem balance – choose from a rich variety of freshwater and creatures, but remember that different species have different needs and require specific conditions.
  • Become a professional – design aquariums for customers. With clients like restaurants, hotels, offices, or rich businessmen’s residences, and earn money so you can expand your business.

Aquarium Designer is currently under development. You can follow the news about it on Steam

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