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Garbage management action adventure

Burnt Hills, NY –February 17, 2021– Independent development studio Crescent Moon Games releases the garbage management action adventure Trashed today on Steam in Early Access.

In Trashed, you can build structures for waste management from a top down perspective and protect them with various weapons that you can find or buy on the planet.

Trashed features vehicles to traverse the surface of each planet faster, or to help you push trash into incinerators or recyclers, as you follow an evolving storyline. Trashed is being released in Early Access including less than 25% of the final content. Core mechanics are still being finished and new content and art assets will be integrated as the development of the game progresses.


  • Unique Waste Management system
  • Planet Terraforming
  • Day/Night System
  • Top Down/3rd person Combat/Action
  • 3 different planets to explore
  • Special weapons and upgrades for each planet
  • Strategy based building
  • Lots of exploring, unique items to find
  • Various vehicles to use and operate

Still left to do

  • Inventory system
  • Controller support
  • Weapon upgrades
  • Level work on the other planets
  • More enemies 
  • More story dialogue
  • More vehicles
  • Voice over for main storyline
  • UI improvements
  • Overall polish

Additional Information

About Crescent Moon Games Crescent Moon Games is an indie developer and publisher. We’ve been releasing games since 2009. Please visit our website for more info:

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