In the Spotlight: Real-World Fashion Brands Civilist and MISBHV in GTA Online

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A Closer Look at Real-World Fashion Brands Civilist & MISBHV in GTA Online

Whether you’ve hopped on English Dave’s private jet, spent any time on The Music Locker’s dancefloor, or checked out the recent pages of Vogue and WWD, you surely have noticed the real-world fashion brands introduced to GTA Online as part of The Cayo Perico Heist: Civilist and MISBHV. Both these esteemed labels come to us through our friends Keinemusik, whose connections with Berlin’s street culture run deep, beyond electronic music and into the intersections of art, fashion, skateboarding and more. Thanks to this partnership, both labels now have clothes available for you to buy at retailers across Los Santos in GTA Online.

Civilist is one of Berlin’s most revered and highly respected skate shops, bringing the finest hardware and streetwear to the local community, including its own eponymous in-house label. Civilist’s bond with Keinemusik is tight, and the crew even dedicated their own track to the brand, a thumping deep house banger that features in their Music Locker set.

MISBHV is a Polish streetwear and fashion label, known for its close ties to the underground dance music scene, both on and off the runway – boasting acid-bright tie-dye shirts and skin-tight bodysuits perfect for an all-night rave. You can check out Rampa’s contribution to the MISBHV DJ Mix series, Sonic Sculptures, over on Keinemusik’s website.

Keep an eye out for these collaborations when looking for new gear on your next trip to Ponsonby’s or Didier Sachs.

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