Alawar presents Song of Farca demo at Steam Game Festival

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International games publisher and developer Alawar has released a demo version of Song of Farca as part of the Steam Game Festival. The game is being developed by Wooden Monkeys, a Moscow-based studio, with Alawar serving as publisher.

Song of Farca is a detective adventure game with exciting gameplay. The game takes place in the futuristic city of Farca. Criminal gangs have carved the city up into areas of influence, leaving the government and police powerless to help law-abiding locals.

That’s where skilled cyberdetective Isabella Song comes in. She may be under house arrest, but that won’t stop her from finding out the facts and uncovering crimes.

Players can:

  • Launch drones over the city and gain access to personal data
  • Question suspects and analyze biometric data
  • Collect evidence and analyze it using AI
  • Trust only the facts – in Farca City, even your clients don’t always tell the truth
  • Make important decisions and deal with the consequences

The Song of Farca demo is now available on Steam! Play the game and add it to your Wishlist.

Wooden Monkeys — is a young and ambitious development studio from Moscow. Founded in 2018, the studio is best known for creating the narrative thriller Save Koch on PC.

Alawar — is a major Russian publisher, developer and distributor of video games for PC, mobile, consoles and other devices. Since 1999, the company has released hundreds of games from over 250 teams. Today, it offers developers its expertise at all levels, including financing, analytics, localization and testing, marketing and PR.

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