Pick your favorite team and make your way to the top in Football Cup 2021 that will launch on Nintendo Switch™ on February 4th this year!

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Make good use of your extended soccer knowledge while training shots on your Switch in Football Cup 2021. The game will launch on Nintendo’s platform on February 4th this year.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 21st, Cracow, Poland.
It’s 2021, and your New Year’s resolution was to move from the couch, find your dusty sweatsuit, put those soccer shoes on, and try to get back into shape while scoring some goals. Or you could implement a more sophisticated strategy instead – stay on the couch for just a little while and hit some goals on your Nintendo Switch first.

You can find the game on Nintendo eShop (https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/football-cup-2021-switch/).


Be sure you don’t make the fields of the most famous stadiums wait for your team to arrive beneath their glowing spotlights! Explore the vast amounts of uniquely designed levels and fight your way through each tournament phase. Meet the legends in the finale and show them how it’s done. Claim all your trophies and become a beacon of soccer experience. Show other countries who has the best team on the planet, win the champions cup, and become a soccer star!


  • Begin your professional career as a soccer player and climb to the very top.
  • Start slow and learn the basic soccer skills in the Basic game mode.
  • Challenge yourself in the Daily Challenges mode, where you’ll be able to stay in good shape with everyday training and climb the ladder of experience at the same time.
  • Become the sensation of the Season. Lead your soccer team through the whole season to league glory.
  • Once ready, enter the Tournament. Try to become a soccer star, conquer other teams, and make soccer history.
  • Make sure the League is just the beginning. Conquer Europa, Copa del Sur, or Champions Cup. Test your soccer skills in tournaments scattered around the world and become famous!

Football Cup 2021 is being developed by Inlogic Sports and will be published on Nintendo Switch by 7Levels. The game is coming to the console on February 4th this year.

More information about the game can be found on Nintendo eShop, the publisher’s website and Facebook.

About 7Levels
7Levels is a Polish indie game developer founded in 2014 and based in Crakow, Poland. Our main goal is to create high-quality games with Nintendo fans in mind. However, we don’t focus solely on our own projects – we help other studios publish and promote their titles on Nintendo consoles. http://www.7lvls.com/

About Inlogic Sports
Inlogic Sports is a department of Inlogic Software, a studio focused on Android and HTML5 games for mobile phones. The team distributes their apps through a global network reaching 150+ countries across five continents. Inlogic cooperates with more than 200 companies. Operators including Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica O2, and Movistar; gaming studios, including Walt Disney and EA Mobile; and other well-known aggregators such as Gameloft, Zed, or Opera are all positive references and proof of the company’s position on the mobile entertainment market. https://www.inlogic.sk/

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