Legendary collection releases on 29th January 2021 Retro masterpiece makes a great comeback

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Legendary collection releases on 29th January 2021 Retro masterpiece makes a great comeback

Stuttgart, Germany, January 20th 2021 – ININ Games will release on January 29th both the physical boxed and digitally eagerly anticipated and legendary Turrican collection – Turrican Flashback on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation4.

Developed by legends in the video game industry and remastered by lifelong fans, Turrican’s long awaited return to the market is finally here with a prestigious and carefully selected collection of some of the most amazing titles. The endless exploration and challenge of the classic Turrican 1 & 2 explodes alongside the arcade perfection of Super Turrican and Mega Turrican in Turrican Flashback, bringing you 4 of action gaming’s finest examples of the genre.

Released originally on the classic home computer system, The Commodore Amiga, followed by sequels on Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, these remasters bring brand new elements to the tried and true formula offering both old and new fans something unique for this edition. Play tested and tailored by lifelong Turrican fans from across Europe, the new control scheme makes each Turrican game intuitive and easily accessible for all players as each button and command corresponds to action, and allows for even more precise shots and jumps than ever before. 

The all new “Rewind” feature also allows for an optional easier challenge as the pitfalls for older game designs can be overcome by trial and error instantly. For those who wish to come back to the adventure at a later time, the save states are there to let you pick up exactly where you left off.

For those who miss the scanlines and curvatures of retro monitors, Turrican Flashback is not just a travel through time in terms of the games, but even the presentation! Use one of the best CRT shaders in the industry and customize your display to bring the action as close to the way you remember it looking on your nostalgic monitor, or opt for the new dynamic pixel perfect display which allows you to minimize the on screen icons and focus entirely on the gorgeous in-game graphics which still stands the test of time!

All this and of course, we cannot forget about the music! Chris Huelsbeck’s legendary scores are on full display and the games have been painstakingly programmed to ensure the highest quality playback of the original audio across the various sound chips Mr. Huelsbeck perfected. Enjoy the 7 minute epica that is “The Final Fight” in Turrican 2 in pristine original quality, or thump your feet to the beat of “Air Combat” in Mega Turrican, each and every track across every game is a bonafide classic!


  • 4 classic titles: Turrican, Turrican II: The Final Fight, Mega Turrican and Super Turrican in one awesome package!
  • Reworked modern control scheme that streamlines the series and makes them more approachable than ever before.
  • Customize your experience with shaders, wallpapers and different display options.
  • Gigantic levels, heart-blazing action and huge boss fights. Suit up and prepare for mayhem!
  • Rewind feature and save states allows you to take on the challenge… with some help!
  • Timeless and critically acclaimed soundtracks by composer Chris Huelsbeck!

About ININ Games

ININ Games focuses on the digital and physical publishing of high-quality, feel-good retro and arcade games. ININ Games brings retro games to life and creates the classics of the future. They are best known for “Bubble Bobble 4 Friends – The Baron is Back”, “CrossCode”, “Darius Cozmic Collection”, Slaps and Beans” and “The Ninja Saviors – Return of the Warriors”. Numerous other milestones of classic gaming culture are in the planning and will be announced in the coming months. ININ Games is part of United Games Entertainment GmbH. For more information visit  http://inin.games

About Factor 5 

Factor 5 is an independent video game developer and technology pioneer founded in Cologne, Germany. The team achieved early success with the classic Turrican series, and after partnering with George Lucas’ LucasArts, created the multi-million-selling Star Wars: Rogue Squadron franchise, gaining a reputation for continually pushing the hardware to its limits across many gaming landmarks. 

Following an expansion to California, Factor 5 became a technology partner in the development of Nintendo consoles and member of the Sony PlayStation ICE group. They pioneered many advances in interactive audio and visuals, often in collaboration with partners like Dolby, THX, and AMD/ATI. Creating key streaming and web technologies, the team has been instrumental in bringing services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube to many millions of devices, culminating in their current work for Fortnite and Unreal Engine as part of Epic Games.

Turrican, Super Turrican, Rainbow Arts, and Factor 5 are trademarks of Factor 5 GmbH.

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