Protect Mars from a Hidden Threat in Per Aspera, Launching This Week

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This planetary-building simulator is more than meets the eye – Take a look at combat in Per Aspera. Price and Bundles have also been announced!

STOCKHOLM — Dec. 1, 2020 — Get ready to bring the surface of Mars to life in Per Aspera, coming to Steam and on December 3rd for $29.99USD/£23.99/29,99€ with a 10% discount at launch. In today’s video, the team at Tlön Industries prepares players to defend their colonies against a mysterious and looming threat. With hard sci-fi, deep and strategic city-building, a compelling narrative, and additional combat mechanics, Per Aspera has redefined the simulation genre!


🌑 Balance a complex well of resources to build interconnected structures that span the entire planet.

🌒 Customize your terraforming plan with branching research trees — develop new technologies steeped in real-world science to create a thriving interplanetary civilization.

🌓 Cultivate relationships with your human colonists and ensure their continued survival on Mars’ unforgiving surface. How you choose to forge these relationships will impact how your mission concludes.

🌔 Uncover the mystery of a threatening presence on Mars and defend your colonies from unknown and combative forces.

🌕 Immerse yourself in a rich, compelling narrative featuring the voice acting talents of Troy Baker, Phil LaMarr, Laila Berzins, Yong Yea, Linsey Murrell, and Nneka Okoye, or take your time and craft the perfect Martian landscape with Sandbox mode.

About Tlön Industries

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this 10+ person, independent video game studio was founded by three industry veterans with development experience on Master of Orion, Okhlos, and Command & Conquer.

About Raw Fury

Raw Fury is a boutique indie (un)publisher founded in 2015 by Jonas Antonsson, Gordon Van Dyke, and David Martinez. We don’t care about genres or mechanics. We care about experiences and emotions. We want to help developers make magic.

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