House Flipper’s Steam Workshop is almost here!

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Are you a fan of House Flipper, but after hours and hours of gameplay, you felt like something was missing? That won’t be the case anymore! We present to you the House Flipper Steam Workshop, where you can let your imagination flow and create your own unique items.

Design your dream furniture and amaze the potential buyers of your houses with space customized to their needs. A chest of drawers from the 18th century? Not a problem – just download our tool and start creating right away!

Start creating your custom items on Steam (

“We’ve always wanted House Flipper to be a catalyst for the players’ imagination. It was obvious from the very beginning that, no matter what, we should be actively listening to the feedback we receive. That’s exactly why we decided to bring the Steam Workshop to our game – it allows our Flippers to just go all out with their creativity and design the items they’ve always wanted to have.” – Tomasz “Piec” Piecuch

The Steam Workshop for House Flipper is being released tomorrow, December 17th, at 6 p.m. CET, so make sure you grab a cup of coffee ready to begin creating! Don’t forget to share your designs with the community because, from what we’ve heard, the developers are dying to finally see your models.

House Flipper itself is a single-player simulator for players looking for relaxation and peaceful gameplay. It revolves around renovating and then furnishing a whole lot of houses. Demolish the walls, install the furniture and fittings, and decorate the space to customize it to your needs. Create the house of your dreams or just make sure it looks fine and sell it to make a profit – the choice is yours!

About Frozen District
Frozen District is an independent company based in Cracow, Poland. They create unique and exciting entertainment experiences for PC by developing innovative and high-quality games. So far, Frozen District has developed House Flipper and is almost ready to publish another title: The Tenants. Currently, they are working on a Luxury Flipper DLC for House Flipper, among many other projects.

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