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The developer organized event and Valve have partnered for a high-flying game sale!

THE NETHERLANDS – [SEPTEMBER 30, 2020] – Today 2Awesome Studio and a collective of game development studios presented their gravity-defying “Space SaleSteam page from September 30th – October 7th! What began as a few developers discussing a common denominator in their games, turned into a coordinated effort with support from Steam’s Valve team to present a #SpaceGameSale for the players. 

2Awesome Studio will feature their in-development title, Aeon Drive, it’s prequel, Dimension Drive, and Lost Wing, an arcade space shooter part of the 2Awesome Partners Initiative, during the Steam Space Game Sale!  

Steam sale front page features will include developer live-streams. 2Awesome Studio is scheduled to broadcast Aeon Drive October 6th and 7th at 5PM CEST / 11AM EST.

Use #SpaceGameSale!

– Other Participating Games Include:

Aeon Drive Dimension Drive Drone Swarm  Everreach: Project Eden EVERSPACE EVERSPACE 2 Ghost 1.0 Lost Wing Meridian: New World Meridian: Squad 22Mothergunship Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor Space Station Loma: Operations Stellar Commanders Strike Suit Infinity Strike Suit Zero Director’s Cut Terraformers Voidship: The Long Journey

2Awesome Studio is an independent game development studio and indie publisher whose mission is to add awesomeness to reality by developing video games with new and addictive mechanics and finding games that are equally awesome to publish.

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