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Following a knockout of birthday celebrations, the chances of summoning an evil character are increased for a limited time

YOOZOO Games, Shanghai — 26.10.2020 | It feels like only yesterday that the beloved mobile-RPG was celebrating its first anniversary, with a whirlwind of events culminating in [ELY]Peepoodur being crowned the winner of the Jamir championship, following an epic battle finale with WaspSalander. We’re also looking forward to seeing Palantiriel’s “Galactic Redemption” skin design become available in-game, after winning the ‘Sea of Stars’ skin design contest.

Now, as the haunted night of October 31st approaches, make sure to log in to get the Halloween avatar frame, and get into the Halloween mood in the game! Players can also enjoy ‘Feast of the Undead’ – a Halloween-themed Summon. During the event, the chance to summon Hades, Underworld Shun, Evil Saga, Papillon Myu, and Cancer Deathmask will be increased for a limited-time. With an increased chance to summon quite literally the 5 evilest characters, we think it perfectly fits the Halloween festivities.

For those looking for something a little more elegant, Masquerade in the Town of Sanctuary is also live, where players can come to exchange their costumes in return for gifts. From this Saturday until next Monday, players can also look forward to a limited-time sale on the skins in the shop. Be sure to swing by for a new skin whilst you can!

A player’s favorite, the Fortune Cat event starts next week. The devs have also announced exclusive Halloween gift packages – head to the in-game mall, to get your hands on them. We’ve already seen discounts and special packaging up for grabs.

With so much going on, what are you waiting for. Good luck, Saints!

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