World of Tanks launches Tanks.TV to APAC fans

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World of Tanks launches Tanks.TV to APAC fans

Wargaming’s World of Tanks has announced that it will be officially launching Tanks.TV to APAC fans today. The channel which was trialled through the World of Tanks ANZ Twitch in July will feature content specifically created for the games’ local audience. 

The trial stage of Tanks.TV, part of the World of Tanks ANZ Twitch channel, featured segments from World of Tanks content creators such as Flying_Elite, Mystblade and stewiejp. Going forward, the channel will feature similar talent presenting a mix of programming including gameplay, competitions, and esports. Initially the channel will have one program each day and depending on the long term response and available content, this may be expanded.

World of Tanks is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, a huge milestone for any game, and chose PAX Online 2020 to launch Tanks.TV.

“Over the past 10 years World of Tanks has continued to grow and evolve as a gaming experience for our fans and players. We aim to provide both a deeply engaging in-game environment and one that is welcoming to fans interested in knowing more about the game and being a part of the community. Tanks.TV is another step for us on this path and we are excited to interact with viewers in this new format,” states Alexander de Giorgio, Regional Publishing Director, WOT.

Alexander will be hosting a Q&A session on Wednesday,16 September at 8pm AEST talking about the Tanks.TV launch, PAX, and the World of Tanks 10th anniversary. He’ll also be running through some of the highlights of a World of Tanks cosplay competition currently underway in Japan.

The Tanks.TV project has been spearheaded by ANZ product manager Jake Truman who started with Wargaming in 2017 as the ANZ community manager for World of Tanks.

“The World of Tanks community is a very diverse audience who are great at sharing their thoughts and ideas on the game and other activity. We’ve been listening to them and have created a tailored and accessible channel, presenting it like a network television station with game shows, panel discussion, clip shows and, of course sports,” said Jake.

“Tanks.TV will also allow us to support our grassroots community contributors while also enabling our players to engage with their favourite personalities both from Wargaming and the community itself,” Jake added.

World of Tanks recently announced the launch of the ANZ Premier League which will also be kicking off at PAX Online and can be viewed through Tanks.TV.

Tanks.TV officially launches today, September 14. For more information on programming and to watch Tanks.TV, visit


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