Launch of Triviatopia Run, official game of animated series based on Trivia Crack

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An obstacle course in the fun world of Triviatopia with six colorful characters to choose from that will keep the little ones and the whole family on their toes from start to finish

Buenos Aires, September 29th, 2020.- etermax, the international technology company that created global sensations like Trivia Crack and Word Crack, announces the official launch of TRIVIATOPIA RUN, the official game of the animated series Triviatopia, based on the characters from Trivia Crack. Being the 7th etermax launch of the year, TRIVIATOPIA RUN’s fun obstacle course is now available on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) stores worldwide.

It is time to put on your sneakers and go for a run in the colorful world of Triviatopia! The land of curious minds, knowledge lovers and adventure seekers, brings an exciting proposal for the little ones to show how far (and fast) they can go.

In TRIVIATOPIA RUN, players must run, slide and jump to avoid obstacles, accelerate their speed, and collect coins to improve their score and become champions. And they won’t do it alone: the lovable and quirky friends based on the Trivia Crack categories have trained hard to be the best runners and help players achieve success: the warm geographer Tito, the persevering athlete Bonzo, the inspiring artist Tina, the heroic historian Hector, the entertainment expert Pop and the brilliant scientist Alison.

At the beginning, Tito will be the assigned partner to explore the tracks of the Triviatopia universe, but the coins allow you to run alongside the other collectible characters in the series. In addition, the characters give access to power-ups to jump higher, attract more coins or double the coins and scores.

The etermax team takes the experience of the animated series to a new level. After 20 episodes (available on YouTube, YouTube Kids and Amazon Prime Video), which follow the group of friends on curious journeys to solve the most interesting questions about ourselves and our planet, now, with an easy-to-play model and vibrant and dynamic graphics, it is time to explore the Triviatopia universe. There is no dull day in Triviatopia: every day is an opportunity to learn something new!

TRIVIATOPIA RUN is now available on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS) worldwide in Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Italian and French.

About Trivia Crack

Initially introduced as a mobile game in 2013, Trivia Crack is a multiplatform entertainment franchise and one of the most successful brands in etermax‘s Gaming division. It is currently made up of four active games: Trivia Crack, Trivia Crack 2, Trivia Cars and Trivia Crack Kingdoms, available on Android and iOS. Trivia Crack has more than 500 million downloads worldwide and more than 150 million active users annually, including those who are entertained and connect with others through social networks such as Facebook or with the free Instagram filter Trivia Crack Challenge, and with Google Assistant’s action and Amazon’s Alexa’s skill. Trivia Crack is available in more than 180 countries, ranking #1 in trivia games in 125 of them. Board games, consumer products and experiences, as well as the animated series Triviatopia, inspired by its characters, complete the experience.

About etermax

Founded in Argentina in 2009, etermax is an international technology company, creator of world’s leading consumer brands that entertain, connect and provide business value. Their Gaming division has surpassed 700 million downloads and stands out as a leader in Latin America in social games development with successful IPs such as Trivia Crack, Trivia Crack 2, Aworded Crack and Word Crack Mix, among others. The company also has a division of In-Game Advertising, pioneering in offering advertising services in games through both etermax’s games and a vast network of over 1,800 other titles, and an artificial intelligence division focused on implementing AI solutions for companies. With an ever-growing team, etermax has offices in Argentina, Uruguay and Germany, and commercial support in Brazil and Mexico. For further information, visit

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