New Interactive Adventure Novel “Bleeding Moons” Coming September 3rd from Phoenix Online Publishing and IAN Games

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Phoenix Online Publishing, where Every Game Has a StoryTM, is excited to announce that Bleeding Moons, an interactive visual novel adventure by IAN Games, will be available on September 3rd! This award-winning tale of intrigue, romance, duty, and honor is the first release from IAN Games and will be available for PC at the Phoenix Online store (, as well as Steam, GOG, and other channels. A demo for the game is available now on Steam.

As the second son of the Count de Valmain, Ian de Valmain was destined neither for greatness nor to inherit his father’s noble title. But when the King of the neighboring nation is assassinated, old rivalries, unchecked ambition, and political intrigue thrust Ian into a world of war and violence he isn’t prepared for. In order to save his county, Ian must go undercover in a mercenary camp, where he will be pushed to his limits, forced to choose what lines he’s willing to cross and which ones he cannot live with. Can he protect those he loves and find happiness and love for himself? How far is he willing to go? Whatever he chooses, one thing is certain: Ian’s life will never be the same.

Winner of 7 Alex d’Or awards, including Best Game and Best Story, Bleeding Moons explores mature themes of fate, duty, honor, and free will. Your choices will affect not only the outcome of the war but also the shape of Ian’s soul and the love of his life as you navigate to one of many possible endings.

Key Features:

  • Fully interactive world where your choices determine the fate of the world around you
  • Three potential romances to choose from
  • Multiple endings to discover
  • Over 100 hand-drawn locations
  • A cast of more than 170 unique characters
  • Winner of 7 Alex d’Or awards: Best Game (Gold), Public Choice (Gold), Best Scenario (Gold), Best Direction (Gold), Best World/Background (Gold), Best Story (Silver), and Best Atmosphere & Immersion (Silver)

About Phoenix Online Studios – Every Game Has a Story™

Created by adventure game fans for adventure game fans, Phoenix Online Publishing is an award-winning game development and publishing studio that creates compelling games where story and character come first. Formed in 2004, Phoenix began as fans seeking to bring back their favorite genre with the King’s Quest tribute game The Silver Lining. They followed up with the award-winning Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, Jane Jensen’s Moebius: Empire Rising, and the remake of Jensen’s classic hit game Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. In 2014, Phoenix opened a publishing branch to help other indie developers release games including Quest for Infamy, Lost Civilization, and The Last Door: Collector’s Edition Seasons 1 and 2. More information can be found on the company’s website,

About IAN Games
IAN Games is Olivier Larrieu’s one-man studio born from the wish to bring together his two passions: writing and playing video games, with a French touch! Using his 30 years experience in both, his first game, Bleeding Moons, was winning awards for writing, story, and characters even before its release. He’s determined to carry that momentum forward as he continues to develop well-written, story-driven adventure games and leave his mark on the genre. For more information, visit

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