Fight for the Interns in 3 out of 10’s Second Episode, Out Now for Free on Epic Games Store

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Fight for the Interns in 3 out of 10’s Second Episode, Out Now for Free on Epic Games Store

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BOSTON, MA — 13 August 2020 — 3 out of 10, the episodic playable sitcom about life at the world’s worst game development studio, goes back to school today with Episode 2 – “Foundation 101” exclusively on the Epic Games Store for PC. Debuting every Thursday through 3 September, all of Season One’s five episodes will be free.

The ragtag crew at Shovelworks Studios just wants to finally earn a score higher than 3 out of 10, but conspiratorial plots, exploding animators, and definitely not-ex-military sentry robots always seem to stand in their way. This week, the studio receives a fresh “shipment” of interns (in pet crates) from the local game dev college, and Midge decides she’s had enough! Join the crew as they attempt to return the interns to *deep breath* the Center of the Institute to the Academy of the Higher University of Games (CIAHUG), where a nefarious plot unfurls.

Will the team solve the mystery awaiting them at CIAHUG? (Maybe!) By returning to school, will they learn new ways to better themselves? (Definitely not!)

3 out of 10’s loving satire of the industry continues with brand new mini-games. Race through the streets en route to campus, dodging obstacles while trying not to get Wasted. Quickly swap between group formations to dodge the missiles of robot security officers recruiting agents. As a hapless intern, prepare for your game dev career by combining two mechanics just made for each other: uncontrollable bounce physics and stealth!

Through the power of writing at 3 AM and the voice talents of willing participants like Felecia Angelle (My Hero Academia, Borderlands 3), Heather Masters (The World Next Door, MOTHERGUNSHIP), Andy Mack (Dying Light 2, Smite), and EP 2 guest star D.B. Cooper (World of Warcraft, BioShock 2), 3 out of 10 brings a lovable cast of misfits to life and pays homage to the ridiculous business of making games.

“Nobody was really asking for a half-game, half-show experiment released weekly for free, but what if I told you this whole thing was ACTUALLY a cake?” said Joe Mirabello, creative director for Terrible Posture Games. “Well, it isn’t. (¬‿¬) But play it anyway.”

For more on the characters and irreverent world of 3 out of 10, hang out with Terrible Posture Games on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and the official website.

About Terrible Posture Games

Terrible Posture Games is an independent studio founded by veterans of game development on the idea that great talent is global, so studios should be completely remote. Responsible for the creation of Tower of Guns and co-development of MOTHERGUNSHIP, the studio aims to be a compassionate place for developers to grow and make fun things.

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