Dodge & blast everything in your path in the fast-paced shooter ‘Zero Strain’

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Available digitally next week for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

We are excited to announce that the fast-paced top-down arena shooter Zero Strain is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch next week. Zero Strain will be available digitally for US$9.99/€9.99.

Combining shoot’em up action with MOBA elements, Zero Strain sets itself apart by focusing on strategic weapon juggling as you gain control of a series of top-down arenas. Turn the tide of battle with careful defense and retaliatory offense that builds with the damage you deal.

Select from a variety of ships tuned for unique play styles, observe and react to enemy attack patterns and take down powerful bosses with precision as you proceed through Zero Strain’s uncharted dimensions, all presented in a vibrant wireframe visual style.

If you would like to cover Zero Strain, the following review codes will be available shortly:

  • Xbox One (worldwide)
  • PS4 (please state region: NA, EU, Asia, Japan)
  • Nintendo Switch (please state region: NA, EU, ANZ, JP, HK)

Review codes will also be available for content creators via Woovit.

About Zero Strain

Zero Strain is a fast-paced shooter set in a series of top-down arenas, where strategic use of offense and defense are critical to surviving each challenge. MOBA elements are mixed with frenetic shoot’em up action for a unique and rewarding experience in neon wireframe presentation.

Each of the “constructs” you pilot offers a different array of armaments that are charged by the damage you deal, allowing you to deploy more powerful abilities against the strongest foes! Strategize on the fly to take down enemy waves and reach uncharted dimensions!

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