En Masse Entertainment Announces Launch Date For New Awakening Update For TERA On Xbox One And PlayStation 4

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Action MMO TERA Receives New Apex Class Skills and New Dungeon on June 30, 2020, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

SEATTLE, June 9, 2020 — En Masse Entertainment, a player-focused publisher dedicated to delivering great games and great service, today announced the all-new Awakening update for their successful, long-running action MMO TERA, which features new Apex class skills for all 13 classes as well as the Dark Reach Citadel Dungeon. TERA’s new Awakening update is scheduled to launch on June 30, 2020, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In preparation for this new update, En Masse is today releasing a hotfix build with a new event dungeon, Demon’s Wheel, and the return of the fan-favorite dungeon RK-9 kennel!

In this Awakening update, console players may enjoy new and unique abilities for each class that allows for a more dynamic combat role. Players who have reached level 65 and item level 439 can start the Velika Banquet questline and earn their new Apex skills. With these new abilities unlocked players can test their skills and dive into the Dark Reach Citadel Dungeon to take on fearsome foes and unravel the machinations of a mysterious faction.   

TERA has entertained and enthralled just under five million players on console in North America, the EU, and Japan since it launched in 2018 and over 9 million players in North America on PC for over 8 years. 

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Based in Seattle, Washington, En Masse Entertainment embodies the evolution of modern game publishing. The company’s mission is to publish great games and provide great service. Beginning with its inaugural title, TERA, and continuing with Closers, En Masse Entertainment has built a track record of excellence and innovation. The team at En Masse includes experts in online technology, live service, branding, community, and player support, allowing them to thrive as a publisher in the digital era. For more information, visit enmasse.com.

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