Craft, Beat, Repeat! Flamebait Games Debuts New Demo of Forge and Fight! at the Steam Game Festival

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Featuring Two Maps, Four Game Modes and a Good Selection of Weapons to Choose from, the ‘Forge and Fight! Beta Opens to Players Around the World this Week!

Forge and Fight! Is a wacky, fun, weapon-crafting multiplayer action game for up to 8 people, planned for release on Steam Early Access later this summer. As a blacksmith gladiator you must experiment with crazy weapon builds and engage in creative, freestyle fighting to battle your friends in multiplayer combat. Unlock more items over the course of the game to build ever more ridiculous weapons in a frantic bid to annihilate your foes – or friends?

In each round you are given random weapon parts to work with to create the most effective, silly or completely random weapon possible and then fight your way through rounds against other players. The new beta being debuted this week at the Steam Game Festival features two maps and four game modes, including Turf War, Push the Cart, Brawl and Last Team Standing! Additionally, the Flamebait team have an action-packed week of live developer streams and a meet-the-devs AMA in store for players taking advantage of the Steam Game Festival to see what’s coming up on the PC gaming horizon! For more information and to view the full schedule, visit the Forge and Fight! Steam page today!

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About Flamebait Games
Flamebait Games is an independent game-development studio founded by five university students in late 2016, with the primary goal of delivering strange games to the masses. The studio’s first game was Passpartout: The Starving Artist, which was released in the summer of 2017. In early 2018, the team expanded to six people and later that year released Verlet Swing. Currently Flamebait are working on a third new IP, Forge and Fight!

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