BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Invites Everyone to its Asobinotes Online Fes, a Music Festival to Celebrate Characters, Games, Virtual Experiences, and Akiba Pop

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Music has served to bring people together throughout human history and there’s no greater need to come together than now. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is inviting everyone to join its free livestreamed Asobinotes Online Fes concert which will be held on Sunday, June 28th from 12:00am to 5:00am PDT – *Saturday night’s prime club hopping hours.

Featuring over 30 artists performing a variety of dance music from four floors of the famous Shinkiba Studio Coast building in Tokyo, Japan; this concert aims to provide entertainment to anyone and everyone who loves dance music, video games, and who has been cooped up in their apartments and just needs to dance the night away.

Asobinotes Online Fes will be livestreamed on Twitch and can be accessed at this link:

For more information on Asobinotes Online Fes, please visit:

We’ll be seeing you at Asobinotes Online Fes this weekend!

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