Signs of the Sojourner Invites New Players to Join Its Caravan With Free Prologue

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Signs of the Sojourner Invites New Players to Join Its Caravan With Free Prologue

LOS ANGELES – 29 May, 2020 – Signs of the Sojourner: Prologue is the free, first trip experience fromSigns of the Sojourner, an introspective narrative by Echodog Games about learning the art of human connection through an emotive deck of cards, available today on Steam.

Signs of the Sojourner: Prologue provides caravaneers with the first leg of Echodog Games’ beloved journey into a near-future world ravaged by climate change. Venture out into a colorful and charming landscape, seeking treasures to sell in a family-owned bodega back home after your mother’s passing. Meet a quirky cast of diverse and lovable characters like dear childhood friend Elias, “Matcha Mom” Matilde, timid artist Tomas, professional pickler Totsuo, and more.

Play cards from a deck of emotions, matching symbols for empathy, logic, and other communication approaches that represent your voice. The deck changes with every encounter, asking adventurers to grow by leaving a card behind while moving forward with something new. Adapting to different conversations unlocks the way forward, rewarding travelers who practice patience and understanding in every new encounter.

Revisit the captivating big cities, quaint small towns, and tempting markets to see how time and your voice shaped their growth. Engage in new conversations with old acquaintances, using lessons learned along the way to unlock new dialogue. An array of possible endings await, as Signs of the Sojourner holds no fail states for disagreements and delivers a spirited message about playing the hand we’re dealt.

Bold, impressionistic strokes paint a world full of hope reimagining the future. Touching connections and tragic misunderstandings are carefully played out to the tranquil and melancholy tunes of an unforgettable soundtrack in a world asking for an open mind and understanding. 

“There’s something amazing about the moment when things just really click, and you connect with another person,” said lead designer, Dyala Kattan-Wright. “Our emotive deck of cards asks players to replicate their voice and style, while understanding sometimes our communication tactics don’t always agree. The moments you’re disappointed and elated with the results are both special, in their own sort of way here.”

Signs of the Sojourner: Prologue is available now on Steam for free with the full release of Signs of the Sojourner availablefor $19.99 USD on Steam and GOG, both in English.

For more information, please visit the Echodog Games official website, join their Discord community, follow Echodog Games on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and search for #SignsOfTheSojourner on social media.

About Echodog Games

Based out of Los Angeles, Echodog Games is a three-person studio that aims to make thoughtful and inclusive games that inspire open-mindedness. The scrappy trio values personal experiences seeking to deliver life lessons, reflected in their own projects that don’t shy away from social issues and modern challenges. 

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