Warframe’s Operation Scarlet Spear Is Available Now

Save your Origin System from the impending doom

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For those of you that followed the ever-evolving story of Warframe, you know by now that some new things are around the corner. Scary, Lovecraftian things. Sentients are the Warframe equivalent of Borg from Star Trek and after much teasing and drumming up hype, they have finally invaded the Origin System.

In the newest update that just hit PC, we gain access to the Scarlet Spear Flotilla Relay, our home base for fending off the invasion. The Scarlet Spear Flotilla will inform you of incoming Murex Waves, massive vessels harboring Sentient forces readying their next strike. Rendezvous with other Tenno and form Squads to embark on one of two connected Missions to fend them off: Ground Assault or Murex Raid.

  • Ground Assault

On the ground, your mission is to seize the Kill Code from Sentient Condrix and transmit it to your allies above. You’ll need to use an Operation Link Beacon — or OpLink Beacon — to connect to Squads in real-time. Fend off Sentients from harming the Beacon while it analyzes the Condrix for the Code you need.

  • Murex Raid

In the Railjack, your objective will be to infiltrate the Sentient Murex, gain control of its Transmission Array and broadcast the Kill Code shared by the team on the ground. This will hopefully cut off the Murex from the rest of the Sentient Armada deeper in the Veil and delay further destruction. Expect heavy resistance in both Missions. Boarding parties will deploy Anu Mantalysts and Anu Interference Drones to disrupt your Railjack Systems and put a halt to the resistance.

Sounds a bit complicated but what is our task here? Well, to link forces with other Tenno, we need to obtain and equip an OpLink Beacon by tracking down Little Duck in the Scarlet Spear Flotilla to begin. Also, to participate in this operation, you need to be at least Master Rank 3.

And with all that said, now we get to the juiciest bits. Rewards! For successfully fending off the Sentients, you can get access to a brand new weapon and arcanes. And last but not the least, this update brings us a deluxe skin for Nova called Nova Atomica, some dojo decorations and a brand new Shawzin.

Operation Scarlet Spear is a limited time event so make sure to hop in the game and defend the Origin System.

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