Invite Fellow Humans to Enjoy Speaking Simulator’s Cooperative Multiplayer Update

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Invite Fellow Humans to Enjoy Speaking Simulator’s Cooperative Multiplayer Update

Online Co-Op via Steam Remote Play, and now Twitch Can Play Speaking Simulator 

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – 20 March, 2020 – Speaking Simulator, the hilarious game about an android struggling to infiltrate human society developed by Affable Games, upgrades today with free content including co-op via Steam Remote Play, improved controls, a smoother difficulty curve, and Twitch integration that enables viewers to directly simulate speech.

Turns out manipulating a robot capable of simulating human speech in awkward social situations comes with a few difficulties. Starting today, Steam Remote Play’s co-op capabilities make it possible to divvy up the control responsibilities between multiple players. Those lucky enough to have a real “human” friend in close proximity can play couch co-op. Work together to manipulate the mandibles and waggle the android’s synthetic, unruly tongue.

To ensure a suave smooth-talking experience, Affable listened to fan feedback and made tongue control more responsive. A new difficulty system takes advantage of these tighter controls: players can decide how much of the android they want to manipulate. On higher difficulties, more parts of the robot come into play, such as its eyebrows. Each extra upgrade module enabled in social interactions increases the score multiplier. 

In hopes of expediting the robots’ rise to power over the world, Speaking Simulator now has Twitch integration. Typing commands like “mouth open” into chat while watching a favorite streamer play allows viewers to directly impact the game. Help or harm streamers, or interact with Affable’s Twitch channel to see how well a hivemind can infiltrate humanity. Contribute to the beginning of man’s downfall today at 1PM EDT on Affable’s channel.

“Delegating responsibilities and working together to control Speaking Simulator’s robot is hilarious,” said Jed Dawson, co-founder at Affable Games. “We also think it makes our game more approachable, so we look forward to new players embracing our strange universe.”

Speaking Simulator is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Traditional and Simplified Chinese today on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. For a limited time, players can purchase Speaking Simulator at a 35% discount on Steam, bringing the price down to just under $10 USD.

To learn more, please visit the game’s official site and Discord or follow the game on Twitter and Facebook.

About Affable Games

With a total of ten years of experience working at Halfbrick Studios on titles like Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, and Age of Zombies, Jordan Comino and Jed Dawson set out to make their own company. Their philosophy is to make amazing games with innovative, intuitive controls, and be great to people.

To learn more about Affable Games please visit the studio’s official website.

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