Tears of Avia Announced for Summer Release on PC and Xbox One

PQube to handle the publishing.

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PQube Games have announced plans to help publish a turn based strategy RPG by the name of Tears of Avia sometime this summer. Developed by CooCooSqueaky, Tears of Avia is aiming to be released on the Xbox One and PC and follows the story of the player’s party, who can be built to fit the player’s style, as they venture across the land of Estera in search of the lost city of Avalon.

The actions that players take with their party will influence how the narrative of the story can play out and while there may be “no right or wrong” choices, there will always be consequences. With players being able to use over a hundred different type of in-game skills and combine various classes together, such as Rangers, Priests, Warriors, and more, each character has access to an expansive skill tree to allow for limitless potential should the player choose to build their party in a unique way. The announcement trailer and a few screenshots for Tears of Avia can be found below.

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