Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Details Trial of Zeus Infinity Mode

Plenty of new screenshots also released.

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Some new details for Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate have been revealed by Koei Tecmo and Omega Force alongside plenty of new screenshots of the game. The new details are in regards to the “Trial of Zeus” gameplay mode that is an Infinity Mode that allos players to take a three person party on an adventure to clear the trials of the twelve towers, with dungeons representing each sign of the zodiac. As they clear each trial, players will earn experience points, unlock characters, and strengthen weapons through battle, combating tougher and tougher enemies with each advancement up the tower.

Players that manage to get a character to level 100 will be able to reset them to level 1 and increase their strength even further with these promotions being available ten times for each character. The screenshots can be found below while Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate itself is set to be released on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime this February.

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