World of Tanks Blitz Gets Festive in the Lead up to New Year

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Enjoy great holiday gifts and take on a special in-game event with fantastic rewards including the Tier X VK 90.01 (P)

December 19, 2019 — With the holidays fast approaching World of Tanks Blitz is getting their players in the mood with a visit to the festive workshop of Chris Dev, which has something for everyone. The man behind the event has created a 15-stage challenge, which features a mountain of great rewards including a grand prize: the Tier X VK 90.01 (P) and a special camo just for this behemoth.

On the way to this German heavy, tankers will be able to get their hands on the Pz. V/IV, a German medium tank, and a special in-game currency which can be used to shake a mysterious snow globe. On top of all this, every day players can grab three different chests off Chris, which are full to the brim with a selection of goodies including Premium, Credits, Camos and more.

Tankers can maximize their festive yield by playing a satellite browser game that Chris himself has developed. Find the way out of an 8-bit labyrinth, collect up to 21 chests and other valuable in-game items, and pass all the challenges to receive a special festive avatar.

While the 15-stage challenge is for those who have Tier V or higher vehicles, every player will get something special for the holidays. After all, it’s a time for giving. Our resident Santa Claus, Chris, has prepared a festive stocking for everyone whether they’ve been naughty or nice. Every tanker who logs in between December 23, 2019 and January 12, 2020 will get the BT-SV, a shiny Tier III Soviet light tank, a garage slot to house it, a unique New Year’s camo, 200,020 credits and 2 certificates for a day of Premium.

More information about the event, its rewards and the festive gifts can be found here.


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World of Tanks Blitz is a fun, light-hearted approach to the genre that bends the rules of reality, putting an engaging twist on tank combat. Deep mechanics and realistic physical models across both authentic and alternative historical settings combine to create fluid gameplay and tactical diversity.

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