Transport Fever 2 Launches on Steam and GOG

Explore 170 years of transportation technology in Transport Fever 2

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Transport Fever 2, the next chapter in the Fever sim franchise, has launched on Steam and GOG. The game is priced at $39.99 US/$64.95 AUD. A special launch week promotion is running until December 18th that knocks 10% off the regular price. On Steam, this can be combined with a 15% discount given to owners of the original Transport Fever.

Transport Fever 2 is a modern take on the classic transportation sim. Players can take their company through 170 years of changing transportation technology in sandbox mode or tackle specific logistical challenges from a certain period. The game comes with three story campaigns and over 200 realistically modeled vehicles. Extensive mod tools, map making tools, and full Steam Workshop support are available on launch.

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