Motion Twin Gifts Dead Cells Fans Routes to Prior Build Versions, New Items, & More Holiday Treats via New Legacy Update, Now Live on Steam

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Motion Twin Gifts Dead Cells Fans Routes to Prior Build Versions, New Items, & More Holiday Treats via New Legacy Update, Now Live on Steam

Battle Through Early Versions of Motion Twin’s Breakout Hit and
Explore the Timeline of New Content & Features Leading to 2018’s Action Game of the Year Award

Bordeaux, France (Dec. 23, 2019) Motion Twin and Evil Empire today released Dead CellsLegacy Update, a massive addition which features new items, mutations, and other stocking stuffers beside its key present to the community; fans can now defy time and return to Dead Cells’ previous iterations, exploring the range of features and mechanics within distinctive builds which paved the way for the critically acclaimed roguelite.

The Legacy Update spans back to Dead Cells’ very first Early Access version and will continue to gather new builds as the game evolves. The team couldn’t help but add a few extra bonuses, too; the Legacy Update includes two new mutations, rebalancing for the 3 least-used weapons and a Santa skin, which is kitsch as hell, as it should certainly be.

“As dedicated as we have been and remain to growing and refining Dead Cells, we’ve heard from select community members mourning the loss of their personal favorite elements from prior builds,” said Joan Blachere, creative director at Evil Empire. “Our goal with the Legacy Update is to help veteran fans rediscover their favorite moments from Dead Cells’ expansive build archive while letting curious newcomers explore what’s led to the version familiar to them. Giving the gift of time travel while still keeping future updates available to everyone is about as close to a Christmas miracle as we can get.”

Dead Cells is a metroidvania action platformer set within an ever-changing castle stuffed with powerful gear, cunning foes, and tons of secrets to discover. Every run through the keep allows players to shape their loadout as they please from a wildly varied arsenal while choosing their path through the keep’s distinctively dangerous sections. Paired with a steady series of post-launch content, Dead Cells’ heavy emphasis on experimentation and deciding when to favor risk over reward keeps each playthrough fresh and exciting.

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About Motion Twin

Motion Twin is an independent game development studio based in France since 2001 and are the creators of the hit roguelike action game Dead Cells, available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms. Motion Twin is a worker cooperative passionate about creating new game experiences. Learn more at

About Evil Empire

Evil Empire is the evil spawn of a bunch of ex-Motion Twiners. Formed in 2018 in close proximity and partnership with Motion Twin, Evil Empire is focused on producing new original content, both for Dead Cells and new IP.

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