Project Sakura Wars Introduces Elise and Azami Mochizuki with New Music Videos

Two wildly different songs.

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Sega is continuing with their unique take on character introduction videos by releasing another pair of music videos for Project Sakura Wars with Elise and Azami Mochizuki being the characters introduced this time. Elise’s song is titled “Kurogane no Hoshi” and performed by her voice actress while Azami Mochizuki’s is called “Ninja Azami” and is also performed by the voice actress.

You can check out both character music videos below and as for the game itself, currently Project Sakura Wars is set to be released on the PlayStation 4 in Japan on December 12th with Sega already confirming a Western release for the game sometime in Spring 2020.

Elise Music Video
Azami Mochizuki Music Video
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