Adorable Beat ’em Up Bake ‘n Switch Coming to Steam Early Access

Bake 'n Switch scheduled for Autumn 2019 (Spring 2019 in regions in the southern hemisphere)

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Streamline Media Group announced their next game Bake ‘n Switch is scheduled to launch on Steam Early Access in Autumn 2019 (or Spring 2019 in regions in the southern hemisphere). No price has been announced, but the game can be added to your Steam wishlist at the official Steam page. Console versions are planned, but no release date has been given.

This adorable and slightly horrifying indie game challenges players to sacrifice adorable dough ball creatures by combining them into large dough balls and tossing them into the oven to be baked into treats for the Guardians of Dough. With enough sacrifices, the Guardians of Dough will intervene and protect the people from The Scourge.

Bake ‘n Switch is a four player beat ’em up offering co-operative and PVP gameplay. At its core, Bake ‘n Switch will have players beating up spores and stickies to protect dough balls, all while combining the dough into the largest ball possible before chucking it into the oven. PVP mode adds an extra twist by allowing players to sabotage each other in hopes of baking the most amount of dough.

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