Atelier Ryza Story Details and Three Characters Introduced

Lent, Tao, and Klaudia revealed.

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Some new information for Koei Tecmo and Gust’s recently announced Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness and the Secret Hideout has been revealed alongside a slew of new pieces of artwork and some screenshots. The first bit of info is in regards to the game’s story where we learn that the story starts in an island in the middle of a lake where Ryza, an ordinary but tomboyish girl, feels uneasy about her village life and wants to put a plan together with her friends to leave the village in search of adventure.

Ryza and her friends set out to a prohibited area only to meet a mysterious man capable of wielding alchemy. Mystified by the power, Ryza asks him to teach her and she quickly becomes his disciple and using this ability Ryza and her friends will continue their journey even as an unknown danger approaches the island.

The three characters introduced at this time are Lent, a childhood friend that is treated harshly by most of the village and despite coming off as a cocky man, he is a friendly and good natured person that often puts a stop to Ryza’s unpredictable nature.

Tao on the other hand is a bit of a bookworm that always carries around an old book he found within his basement library that he is trying to decipher. Shy but never one to abandon his friends he follows Ryza on her adventure.

Finally we have Klaudia, a new friend that is the daughter of a merchant that travels to Ryza’s village. Due to her travels she rarely makes friends but once she does it turns out that she can be surprisingly courageous.

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