AeternoBlade II Arrives in the Fall

PQube to publish the title.

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PQube has announced that they are planning on publishing Corecell Technology’s AeternoBlade II when it is released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this fall. This announcement has been accompanied by a new trailer that you can be found below and as for the game itself, AeternoBlade II is set in a world where hatred has infected the land. Its corruption has created the Dark Abyss, a destructive void powerful enough to break the very fabric of reality.

To prevent its destruction from spreading, the ancient Lords of Time hide three time-altering weapons, known as the AeternoBlades, by scattering them across dimensions. But only their power can restore the universe to order.It’s now up to the young heroine Freyja to find them, mustering all her courage and skill with a sword to travel across the most dangerous parts of time and space. The journey takes her to the kingdom of Chronosia, where two brave warriors Felix and Bernard take part in a desperate fight to save their home.

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