Our World is Ended Now Arriving April 18

Physical release now releasing separate from digital in North America.

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It looks like Our World is Ended is going to take a little extra time to be ready for English audiences as PQube has announced that the game has been delayed from its previous release date of March 22nd. Now the game’s release will be a little odder as it is set to be released physically and digitally for the PlayStation 4 and Switch in Europe on April 18th while North America will only be seeing the game digitally on that day. The physical release of the game in North America is now set for May 7th.

PQube has yet to announce when the planned PC release of the game is set to be released though it is on the way. Our World is Ended features a team of eccentric game developers named Judgement 7 who are trapped between reality and the game world where simple glitches have devastating consequences. Featuring talented Japanese voice actors and a unique visual art style that will see players visiting iconic Tokyo landmarks players will have quite a lot to see in what PQube says is a game that offers over forty hours of gameplay.

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