Season Nine of In The House Starts Tomorrow

The new screen time isn't the only thing that's had a shake up!

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Wasting no time at all since last season, our good friends at In the House are kicking off season nine of their cult classic film series tomorrow with a screening of Steven Spielberg’s JawsIn the House is a long-running film screening which we’ve covered for some time now. They’ve done a lot of legwork in fostering a casual and friendly atmosphere for their screenings with plenty of pre-screening shenanigans for anyone who’s interested in participating in a bit of audience engagement.

They’re screening some audience favourites again so if you want to read any of our reviews of those films, you can find them through the hyperlinks in the schedule below:

June 18 & 20                Jaws
July 2 & 4                     Aliens & Scarface
July 30 & August 1     Predator
September 3 & 5      The Dark Crystal & Labyrinth
October 15 & 17         The Thing
October 22 & 24       The Blob & Evil Dead 2
November 12 & 14     Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
December 3 & 5        Die Hard

I’ll hopefully be able to fit the new dates into my schedule more easily with your options including a cheaper Mondays screening option for the students amongst you. There’s also new presenters in the form of two young fellows referred to as The Movie Nerds, Ryan and Draz, and I look forward to seeing how these two take up the mantle of In the House.

You can find tickets for all their film screenings here and read more about our film opinions here.

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