Acram Digital Booted from Steam over Fake Reviews

Developer Grzegorz Kubas admits to posting fake reviews

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Digital board game publisher Acram Digital was dished a massive setback after Valve cuts ties with Acram Digital. As a result, all games and DLC published by Acram Digital has been removed from the Steam store. Those who currently own the removed PC games or DLC on Steam will not lose access to their games; however, any item related to those games that could previously be sold for Steam Wallet funds on Steam Marketplace can no longer be listed. Examples include trading cards and profile backgrounds.

Acram Digital developer Grzegorz Kubas was caught posting fake reviews for Steam: Rails to Riches and Eight-Minute Empire to boost their review scores. Kubas took to reddit to take responsibility for the fake reviews, stating that the reviews in question were six reviews created by him alone in a moment of frustration and bad judgement. The post noted Acram Digital did not purchase positive reviews on Steam at any time. He also announced Acram Digital has reached out to Steam in hopes of an appeal.

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