Luftrausers Out on Commodore 64 as LuftrauserZ

Dust out your old Commodore 64 and get ready to shoot some planes!

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Commodore 64 enthusiast (and possibly mad genius) has ported the indie shooter Luftrausers to Commodore 64. LuftrauserZ is being released as a PAL cartridge for Commodore 64/128. The cartridge costs £40, but the small scale indie release for such an old console more than justifies the hefty price. The port crams over four thousand unique player sprite frames while still supporting automatic saves to flash memory, an impressive achievements given the relatively small capacity of Commdore 64/128 cartridge compared to modern MicroSD cards.

For those of unwilling to fork out that much cash can download a copy of the port for Commodore 64 emulators for $4.99 USD on or pick up the original Luftrausers on Steam.

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