Titan Quest Ragnarok Expansion Launches a Decade after Immortal Throne Expansion

New expansion adds the largest act yet

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They always say better late than never. THQ Nordic is taking that to heart by launching the Titan Quest Ragnarok expansion ten years after the launch of Immortal Throne and 11 years after the RPG‘s original release. The new expansion requires Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, which was distributed as a free upgrade to all Titan Quest owners on Steam last year. Titan Quest Ragnarok is priced at $19.99 USD, but a 25% launch sale on Steam is running until November 24th. For those who don’t own the base game yet, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, which contains Titan Quest and the Immortal Throne expansion, is also 80% off on Steam.

Titan Quest Ragnarok adds a fifth act to the saga. Players will venture to northern Europe, where they will encounter the the Celts, the Germans, and the Vikings, along with their deities. While THQ Nordic says the new act is the largest of the five, the development team has also gone back to the previous four to add new items and secret areas. The expansion is adding a tenth mastery for existing classes and raises the level cap to 85. Ragnarok introduces Runemaster class, who uses both brute force and magical skill to destroy everything in their path. In addition to the new content, Ragnarok upgrades the game’s graphics and user experience to modernize the title.

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