Survival RPG Valnir Rok Releases a Major Update

Notable additions are skill based system and ability to create your own quests

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It’s only been a few months since I introduced you all to Valnir Rok but a lot has changed since then. This Viking themed RPG is out now on Steam, garnering plenty of positive reviews and steady player count. As icing on the cake, a new content update dropped recently that will keep old & new players busy for quite a while.

The update to Valnir Rok brings PVP and PVE arena into the play, specialized skill system as well as the option to purchase and host your own Nitrado servers. The last feature is especially interesting since that way you will be able to create your own quests and events in the game. I already have a couple of custom quest ideas written down, such as sending the whole tribe to hunt for wild animals with nothing but bare fists and without any clothes on.

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