Star Ocean: The Last Hope – The 4K & Full HD Remaster Released

Out now on PlayStation 4 and Steam

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Square Enix and tri-Ace has launched Star Ocean: The Last Hope – The 4K & Full HD Remaster on PlayStation 4 and Windows via Steam. The game features full HD graphics with 4K support and a revamped control scheme that is compatible with both controllers and mouse and keyboard. Star Ocean: The Last Hope – The 4K & Full HD Remaster is available now for $20.99 USD. Steam users and PlayStation Plus members will be able to get a 10% discount on the game if they buy before December 12. Steam users who purchase the game before December 12 will also be able to snag a mini-soundtrack. PlayStation Plus members who buy before January 8th will get a theme and 12 avatars.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope tells the earliest tale of the Star Ocean series. Earth is about to collapse after World War II, and the only hope for humanity’s survival is to find a new home on a planet. The game follows Edge and his crew of explorers as they look to ensure humanity’s future as the new threat of the Grigori looms on the horizon.

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