One Trick Players Possibly Being Banned from Overwatch

Two Torbjorn mains issued temporary bans

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The Overwatch community is in full drama mode after two Torbjorn mains reported being banned, alleging they were banned for being one tricks (players who only play one hero). With a little bit of detective work, it was discovered that XUL was actually banned for AFKing in competitive when another player took Torbjorn. Fuey500’s ban is a little murkier. Known to be a generally polite steamer, Fuey500 received a 24 hour ban for “disruptive gameplay.” Debates have since erupted on the merits of one-trick players and Blizzard’s automated report system.

Blizzard’s stance on one tricks who play off-meta heroes has already been quite vague. While Jeff Kaplan has assured gamers that playing off-meta heroes is not a bannable offence, players have provided anecdotal evidence claiming they have been banned for one tricking off-meta heroes after angry teammates flooded Overwatch’s automated report system.

Blizzard’s official response have not been helpful in clearing up the matter, stating that the system is working as intended and that the banned players were doing more than just one tricking off meta characters to earn their ban. They go on to repeat their vague stance that one-tricking is not a bannable offence but that players should play as a team.

However, questions still remain about exactly what Fuey500 did to earn his ban besides playing almost exclusively as Torbjorn. Allegations are being flung that Fuey500 has been banned because of XUL’s misbehaviour, though no concrete proof has been provided. Fuey500 has streamed almost every match this season on Twitch for the world to see, though he thinks he may have actually streamed all his matches. No one has yet to find videos depicting Fuey500 misbehaving in a way that would warrant a ban beyond being a one trick Torbjorn. Fuey500 himself has turned to reddit and the official forums to publicly ask that the reasoning behind his suspension be publicly revealed. As of the publishing of this article, Blizzard has yet to respond.

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