Metagame, Carbon Incubator and Tilting Point Release Tap Busters for iOS and Android

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Metagame, Carbon Incubator and Tilting Point Release Tap Busters for iOS and Android

Up-and-coming studio in Bucharest, Romania, partners with acclaimed artist Noper to create an innovative and hilarious action clicker!

NEW YORKNov. 9, 2017 – Today Metagame, Carbon Incubator and publisher Tilting Point have launched Tap Busters as a free download for iOS and Android devices. Tap Busters delivers intense clicker gameplay, mind-blowing art and a wild sense of humor.

Your heroic job is to travel through the Galactic Empire and take down an army of space ne’er-do-wells! Why? For cold hard cash, baby. You’re all suited up and ready to rumble; now tap that screen like there’s no tomorrow! Unleash the power of your fingers on unsuspecting monsters and villains! Don’t let them kill your vibe.

Key Features of Tap Busters Include:

  • PVP Arenas: It’s every hero for themselves as you compete in a buffet of different arenas in hopes of a spot on the global leaderboards and exclusive arena-only rewards!
  • Endless Collectibles: Evolve your character for better armor and weapon drops! There’s a wide array of bizarre weapons and armor – see if you can collect them all!
  • Minions With Personality: You’re not in this alone – keep your preferred minion by your side to help you in battle! Some are friendlier than others, but they get the job done.
  • Customize Your Skills: Hone your skills and build out your character and minions to your exact playstyle with an expansive skill tree!
  • Daily Bounty Hunts: Take part in the daily bounty and take down boss-level villains for high-level rewards!
  • Idle Profits: Even when you’re not playing, your minions are working hard to get you gold for the next time you log in! They really deserve a day off.
  • Visual Immersion: Revel in the incredible illustrated world created by Noper, named one of the top 200 illustrators worldwide by Lürzer’s Archive magazine.

“The response to Tap Busters has been phenomenal so far. People are really enjoying the over-the-top humor and rich universe created by Noper, and they are always asking for more. We’re very excited to roll out more content and new game modes that will bring new dimensions to the gameplay and satisfy our loyal user base,” said Metagame CEO Daniel Nay.

“We’re very happy to be part of this partnership with Metagame and Tilting Point,” said Carbon Incubator General Manager Catalin Butnariu. “We liked Tap Busters since we first saw the game, and we’re honored to work with a team as experienced as Metagame. We’re confident that Tilting Point will help us scale the game to reach its full potential.”

“With its conspicuous art style, eccentric sense of humor and frenetic gameplay, Tap Busters stood out to us at Tilting Point from all the other games in the genre. We knew immediately we had to partner with Metagame to make this incredible gem as successful as possible,” said Samir El Agili, Chief Operating Officer at Tilting Point. “Tilting Point is proud to partner with outstanding independent developers such as Metagame so that we can scale games like Tap Busters while they remain agile.”

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