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America Chavez, Blue Marvel, Quasar, and Nova Join the Game Along With Updates to Story Missions

Seoul, Korea (November 29, 2017)Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company worldwide, today released an Ultimate update for its hit mobile title MARVEL Future Fight. The update adds five members from team Ultimates, a group of Super Heroes led by America Chavez to solve cosmic and dimensional issues threatening the Earth. Also included in this update are two new uniforms for S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson and the fiery Inhuman known as Inferno.

This update introduces a new chapter to Story Missions titled “Ultimate Solution” where players will join with the members of the Ultimates team to stop the destruction and collapse of all the known worlds. The chapter reveals fundamental foundations of the MARVEL Future Fight lore and provides an all-new background for the heroes and villains from the Ultimates comic book series.

With this update, earlier stages in the Story Missions will have their difficulties adjusted for better balance to help newer players enjoy engaging and lively battles. These adjustments also add newly arranged stages that offer a variety of challenges and elaborate Villain patterns. Stats will also be more visible to players with numbers directly viewable on the character cards and an improved sorting function will help players sort their cards easily by stats.

“The Ultimates are extremely important protectors of the Marvel Universe, saving Earth from cosmic and dimensional rifts and threats that aren’t seen or acknowledged by the average human,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Global Officer at Netmarble Games. “By adding them to MARVEL Future Fight, we’re hoping to bring more recognition to a beloved team of interstellar saviors.”

The full list of new characters joining MARVEL Future Fight is below:

  • America Chavez – A heroine from a different dimension. She was once a member of the Young Avengers, but is now a member of the Ultimates. She possesses super-human strength and the ability to create portals that connect to other dimensions.
  • Blue Marvel – A Veteran Marine of the Korean War and a scientist. An explosive lab accident grants him the ability to absorb anti-matter and use it to wield superhuman powers and become nearly invincible.
  • Quasar (Avril Kincaid) – A former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Avril received the Quantum bands from the previous Quasar, Wendell Vaughn, to become the new Quasar. The power from the Quantum Bands allow her to attack using energy.
  • Anti-Man – A close friend of Blue Marvel who fought with him in the Korean War. Previously known as Connor Sims, he was in the same laboratory explosion as Blue Marvel and had his body disassembled by anti-matter. He later pulls himself together with the power drawn from the anti-matter, also harnessing it to possess superior physical strength and enabling him to create torrential storms made of anti-matter.
  • Nova (Sam Alexander) – Sam Alexander received his father’s Nova helmet to become the new Nova. Like other members of the Nova Corps, Sam is able to fly and release bursts of energy.

MARVEL Future Fight is available worldwide on the App Store® and Google Play™.

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