Deadpool Being Pulled from Steam (Again)

Activision has once again not renewed the license for the game.

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Activision has announced they will be yanking Deadpool from Steam on November 16th. Marvel and Activision has not come to a licensing agreement for the hack ‘n slash once again, so Activision is being forced to end sales once the license expires. The end of the agreement will not affect anyone who already owns the game. Deadpool is currently in their library and will remain so after November 16. It’s not entirely clear at the moment if the console versions will be affected by the end of the license agreement, as the game is also available on the PlayStation and Xbox stores.

This already happened once before in 2014. After a year of deadlock, Activision and Marvel signed another contract that brought Deadpool back to Steam in 2015. It is unknown if Marvel and Activision have plans to the table to ink another licensing agreement or if Deadpool is about to fade into the void. Like in 2014, Activision has slashed the price of Deadpool on Steam to an all time low of 70% off, hoping to make as many sales as possible before the license expires.

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